A demonstration of the Flutter Sound features.




This is a Demo of what it is possible to do with Flutter Sound. The code of this Demo app is not so simple and unfortunately not very clean :-( .

Flutter Sound beginners : you probably should look to SimplePlayback and SimpleRecorder

The biggest interest of this Demo is that it shows most of the features of Flutter Sound :

  • Plays from various media with various codecs
  • Records to various media with various codecs
  • Pause and Resume control from recording or playback
  • Shows how to use a Stream for getting the playback (or recoding) events
  • Shows how to specify a callback function when a playback is terminated,
  • Shows how to record to a Stream or playback from a stream
  • Can show controls on the iOS or Android lock-screen

It would be really great if someone rewrite this demo soon

The complete example source is there

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