The τ Player API


You can use startPlayer to play a sound.

  • startPlayer() has three optional parameters, depending on your sound source :
    • fromUri: (if you want to play a file or a remote URI)
    • fromDataBuffer: (if you want to play from a data buffer)
    • sampleRate is mandatory if codec == Codec.pcm16. Not used for other codecs.

You must specify one or the three parameters : fromUri, fromDataBuffer, fromStream.

  • You use the optional parametercodec: for specifying the audio and file format of the file. Please refer to the Codec compatibility Table to know which codecs are currently supported.

  • whenFinished:() : A lambda function for specifying what to do when the playback will be finished.

Very often, the codec: parameter is not useful. Flutter Sound will adapt itself depending on the real format of the file provided. But this parameter is necessary when Flutter Sound must do format conversion (for example to play opusOGG on iOS).

startPlayer() returns a Duration Future, which is the record duration.

The fromUri parameter, if specified, can be one of three possibilities :

  • The URL of a remote file
  • The path of a local file
  • The name of a temporary file (without any slash ‘/’)

Hint: path_provider can be useful if you want to get access to some directories on your device.


        Duration d = await myPlayer.startPlayer(fromURI: 'foo', codec: Codec.aacADTS); // Play a temporary file

        _playerSubscription = myPlayer.onProgress.listen((e)
                // ...
        Lorem ipsum ...


    final fileUri = "";

    Duration d = await myPlayer.startPlayer
                fromURI: fileUri,
                codec: Codec.mp3,
                whenFinished: ()
                         print( 'I hope you enjoyed listening to this song' );
        Lorem ipsum ...

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